About us

We were born

in Puerto Rico. In 1993 Valija was created by innovative young people like you, who are still determined to grow and learn each day. Thanks to this philosophy, we are now 13 stores strong and have over 175 employees devoted to finding the world's latest fashions in order to bring them to you.

We design

fashionable clothing and accessories with a hippie-chic look that can be sophisticated, modern, and urban as well. We are inspired by international trends, but always with the Puerto Rican soul in mind so our look is always 'boricua', from the design to the style and fit, to the materials and prints.

We travel

around the world, all the way to India, Thailand, The Philippines, Indonesia, Mexico, and Brazil, to find anything that can add spice to the Puerto Rican flavor; and we will always keep searching, no matter how far, to find new and original products for you to enjoy.

We evolve

constantly, and will continue to do our best to make sure that each time you visit us, you encounter a fresh experience with something new to inspire you. The reason we evolve is simple: if you don't evolve in fashion, you fall behind.

We contribute

because we are committed to our community and want to give back. We always re-use, reduce, and recycle. We also design our shopping bags using only 100% degradable plastic and support many non-for-profit entities; especially those concerned with education and the environment, such as Yo Limpio a Puerto Rico and Sapientis.
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